'I hate him.' 

                       Then again, she hates most police men.
                       It’s not him in particular, but how they can be.
                       Memories twist and turn inside of her,
                       remembering when things hadn’t always
                       been as it was. She decides she best hurry
                       along, less she blurts out what rings true
                       in her head.

     "Thank you, sir." She bows, adding to the
     overall mood of the interaction. She’s quick
     to right herself and turns to leave before she
     stops. She’s childish, in ways that most don’t

     Hence her reasoning in having the last word.
     "Though, I’d be careful. Sometimes, people
     have the tendency to take other’s words in
     the wrong way.”


                        [    if not for her outburst, the  detective   would   have
                             simply walked away from the teenager,   forgetting this
                             entire encounter on his venture   back   to   the   police
                             station — allowing her get away   with   her own stupid
                             mistakes. perhaps he was    too nice. do you see what
                             kindness gets you?  shit and attitudes from damn high
                             school   kids. and he was in no mood to receive advice
                             from   some   random little girl. instead, a hand rises —
                             however, not  to   strike the other being, but to just rest
                             on the back of his neck. a few ‘nervous’ scratches, and
                             he’d play the role of the fool once more. 

                             the   jester.   yes,   he’d   certainly  taken a liking to that
                             nickname. a jester could fool all who   crossed his path;
                             deceit and lies conjured   storms   that   merely brought
                             mayhem. as did  he   —   but that was a secret the elder
                             would never tell.    ]

         haha,   really?   and   what   would  you know about that?
            you’re still so young, when you get older maybe it’ll seem 
            different because everyone around you is so mature. 

                               things aren’t typically misconstrued. 


     ❝ It isn’t as if cops never lie, you know. ❞


     In fact, she had plenty of experience with that


         but… uh, i  have   no   reason   to   lie! 
            sheesh, don’t give me the 3rd degree.
            that’s my job!

                        [   defending himself would do no good — not with stubborn
                            women.   ]


"Hey there, Pleasure seeing you all here !"